Twin Rivers Hunting Club

28 May

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2013-2014 Season

Twin Rivers was established in 1991 and immediately began producing trophy bucks.  Located in Greene County, Alabama the

property consists of over 4000 acres along the Tombigbee/Sipsey Rivers.  Not only prime land for big bucks, it also thrives with small animals such as coyotes, fox, raccoon, skunk,  and bobcat.  We also have a healthy population of wild boar plus plenty of ducks and turkeys.  A jaguarundi was even spotted on the property!  Moon Lake is a great place for fishing and there’s a nice spot for camping with the kids.

Membership includes the use of a good-sized 5-bedroom/2 bathroom house.  The large fire-ring just outside is in use every weekend of hunting season with great stories of the day’s hunt.

Just a ways up the road is the Sign-In Shed where members can sign into any of 34 sections.  Shooting houses and ladder stands in most all sections are available for member use.  During turkey season, sections include much larger areas.

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